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The Royal Poinciana Plaza

Discover a spot on the island where style, energy and spirit collide. An artful destination for indulgence, inspiration and retreat. Experience a unique shopping oasis — an iconic palm beach space reimagined.

Come mingle. Explore. Be charmed.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza

Palm Beach is a destination unlike any other—a tiny island that regularly plays host to many of the world’s most discerning tastemakers, yet retains a distinctive warmth and charm. Home to some, home-away-from-home to many—it’s a place that lives up to its legacy of luxury, elegance and idyllic landscape.

Just mention Palm Beach and you paint a vivid picture: the palms, the weather, the people—and of course, John Volk’s architecture. The Royal Poinciana Plaza is classic John Volk—a delightful example of his signature Palm Beach style. Built in the late 1950s, the property stands today a landmarked property, a revitalized, beating heart of the Island we love.

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The Experience

Here, luxury is charming. From rye bread to Red Birkins, The Royal Poinciana Plaza’s eclectic tenant mix beckons and delights as 30 new, renowned local and international join our existing, beloved tenants for a total of 50 hand-selected brands.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza’s rebirth is now complete, unveiling a jewel box oasis and global destination for true luxury, delicious food, and pure fun.

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Royal Pups

Our lush courtyards, terrazzo walkways and patios are dog-friendly, so you can enjoy your visit without leaving your furry BFF behind.

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The History

When Mr. John S. Phipps dreamt of The Royal Poinciana Plaza, he asked of John Volk to “design for us a shopping plaza in any style you wish; however, it must endure for fifty years.” John Volk, architect to America’s royal families like the Vanderbilts, DuPonts, Fords and Pulitzers, made this dream a reality.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza stands today with the inherent charm and idyllic beauty retained just as she did more than half a century ago. The glint of this charm can be seen in the curvature of the restored metalwork, the click of one’s heels on the black and white checkered terrazzo, or the warmth of the Florida sun while you sit in a tucked away courtyard.

Our History

Press Coverage

Earmarking the groundbreaking, each wave of new tenant announcements, and each boutique opening, both the national and local media combined have told the inspiring and history-making tale of The Royal Poinciana Plaza’s renaissance. Meet the faces (or forces, rather) who took this project from dream into reality, and find out what is next from here for The Royal Poinciana Plaza.

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You are welcome here.

We are proud to create places people love, and that means all people. Above all else, we believe in keeping The Royal Poinciana Plaza safe, welcoming and enjoyable for everyone. We are motivated by an unwavering commitment to serving our visitors and our community, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability or religion. No matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome here.

If you have any questions or concerns about your experience here, please get in touch.

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