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MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian

MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian (previously BioAge MD and Dr. Dadurian) is committed to promoting each individual’s health, wellness and aesthetic needs by providing clients with the tools to successfully navigate the aging process both inside and out.

MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian, founded by Daniela Dadurian MD, utilizes the most advanced technologies and research to help prevent environmental and age-related diseasesm as well as skin rejuvenation. MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian is dedicated to helping patients optimize their biological age from the inside out, to help them look and feel young.

Dr. Dadurian has been practicing in the Palm Beaches for 20 years and has been at the forefront of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well as integrative medicine.

Services provided at MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian include: Botox, fillers, laser procedures, bioidentical hormone replacement and IV vitamin therapy. MDBeauty Labs by Dr. Dadurian is a branch of Dr. Dadurian’s well established West Palm Beach MedSpa.