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VOGUE: Why Now Is the Perfect Time For a Hair Reset

VOGUE May 9, 2020

Take it from someone who’s been there, done that—now is the perfect time for a total hair reset. Three years ago this summer, my fluffy cloud of curls was—no exaggeration—burned off during a shoddy round of highlights with a random colorist. In the industry, what happened to me is known as a chemical cut, which was a totally new term to me at the time. Now, is a phrase I know all too well. In fact, whenever I see the tell-tale signs that someone has had their hair chemically singed off, from the zig-zag layers to the torched ends, a bell goes off in my head. I want to yell, “Step away from the bleach and 400-degree hot tools!”

“Prior to the quarantine, hair habits and routines were largely based on time rather than the requirements necessary to produce healthy hair. Now, we can actively reset our decisions and embark in what I believe to be the ‘skinification’ of scalp and hair routines.” Here, hair experts break down the best strategies for pressing reset during self-quarantine.

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