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Wee Free Library

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Cool Reads & Cold Treats

We’ve put a playful spin on traditional Little Free Libraries and created a year-round amenity for Wee Royals! Our library, disguised as a bubble-gum pink Smeg refrigerator and housed adjacent to Celis Produce, promotes literacy and inclusion in a style that truly reflects Palm Beach. The top door of the refrigerator hold reads for children of all ages, crayons, activity books, and custom bookmarks with revolving offers to Royal businesses and community partners, while the freezer portion stocks complimentary ice pops perfect for keeping cool in our sunny courtyards.

With diversity and representation top-of-mind, we’ve partnered with OurShelves− an incredible book subscription company that specializes in high-quality children’s books featuring racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, and feminist characters and families. Consistently keeping our retro ice box full of rotating books that are both educational and inclusive of under-represented identities is what makes our program so unique.

Additionally, our iconic Wee Free Library provides parents the opportunity to enter-to-win an annual OurShelves subscription! New winners are announced every three months (dates are detailed in the enter-to-win segment below).

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Wee Free Library Rules and Basic Information

Our rules vary slightly from most Little Free Libraries, however, functioning on the honor system remains at the core of our library’s operating success.

  • Wee Royals and their parents are encouraged to take a single book at a time and read in our lush courtyards. Unlike other Little Free Libraries, you’re encouraged to put the book back in our pretty pink refrigerator when you’re finished for others to enjoy.
  • You’re welcome to take one book per child home for a short time. However, we ask that you take special care of these books and return them in good condition when you’re through.
  • You don’t need to share a book in order to take one.
  • If you do wish to share a book, please place it on the top shelf of the refrigerator. We will sort through the books shared weekly and either donate them or keep them in rotation depending on their content and condition.
  • That said, if you take a book from the top shelf, please return it to the top shelf.
  • We will continually rotate in new books recommended by our partner so your Wee Royals consistently have undiscovered stories to read.
Activity Books, Crayons, and Bookmarks:
  • Activity and coloring books stocked in the library are yours for the taking. Please do not return them once they’ve been used.
  • Kindly limit yourselves to taking one activity or coloring book per child, per day.
  • The crayons in the library are for our Royal community. If you borrow a box, please return it neatly to its designated shelf on the interior refrigerator door.
  • The branded bookmarks stocked in the refrigerator are most useful to parents of Wee Royals.  Take one for marking adult page-turners, and be sure to scan the QR code to view rotating promotions and newsworthy information.
  • Entry slips for quarterly giveaways are located inside the top refrigerator compartment in the bottom drawer.
  • Use one of the pens provided to complete your entry form, fold it, and place it in the labeled ballot box located in the same drawer.
  • Only one entry per quarter is allowed.
  • Entries will be collected and sorted weekly, and any duplicate entries will be eliminated.
  • All incomplete entries will also be eliminated.
  • Drawing dates are scheduled for December 8, 2021, March 16, 2022, June 15, 2022, September 14, 2022.
  • Winners will be contacted by property management within a week of the drawing.
Ice Pops:
  • Yes, they’re complimentary…as long as the offering is respected.
  • One per child, per day. Avoid brain freeze!
  • Please be kind to the earth and our beautiful property. Toss plastic snippings and empty wrappers in waste bins. A small waste bin for snippings is located in the freezer’s bottom drawer.
  • Child-friendly scissors for opening ice pops are located in the bottom freezer drawer. These are not complimentary, so please put them back for others to use.
  • We will continually monitor this amenity and if we find that ice pops are disappearing faster than they can melt or that our property is littered with waste, we will discontinue providing this treat.
  • Ice pop nutrition information can be found here and is also accessible via a QR code on the inside of the bottom freezer door.
Get Social:
  • We think our Little Free Library is the coolest in existence and we hope you’ll share your experience interacting with it to your social channels.
  • Snap pictures and videos of our pink Smeg refrigerator or of your Wee Royals with books and ice pops.
  • Tag @theroyalpoincianaplaza in your posts with #TheRoyalWeeFreeLibrary so we can share your moments on our Instagram Stories.